Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A little fund raising activity for Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Kajang (PKIK), or the Center for Special Children, Kajang

PKIK is an NGO which focuses on people with disabilities and operates out of Taman Kajang Utama, Kajang. They set up shop in 1995 and currently my youngest son who will be turning 7 next Wednesday has been enrolled there for the past year. His name is Imran Haziq and he's special to say the least. Imran was diagnosed with Delayed Development Growth and when he first attended PKIK under the Early Interventio Programme (EIP) his gross motor skills were very underdeveloped. With the help of PKIK's teachers, Imran began to show marked improvement over time and thus far he is beginning to walk with the support of the parallel steel bars during therapy, although he still prefers to crawl.

The are other groups of special people at PKIK, whose ages range from primary school all the way to those approaching their 50's! For a monthly contribution of RM50 per person, they are being thought to be as independent as possible. These include vocational skills under their Day Training Program (DTP) where the attendees complete real tasks outsourced to PKIK, and the attendees are paid accordingly. RM50 per month is really nothing compared to the services provided here. Other places charge 10 times more for the same amountt of service, which a lot of parents these days, inluding me, can ill afford.

PKIK as an NGO receives partial Government funding for some of their teaching staff. The rest is contribution from the private and corporate sectors, apart from the RM50 monthly contribution from parents. Given their current need for additional space, PKIK is planning to construct their own building at Jalan Reko, Kajang. The current premises consisting of shophouses in Kajang Utama looks a little haphazard and they may run out of space soon given PKIK's growing enrollment. Hence, they are now in fund raising mode to raise monies for the new building, which is expected to cost approximately RM4.00 million, together with the land. For that, PKIK is having a Carnival next Sunday the 19th of April. Coupon books for the carnival at RM10 per book are available from me and they can be redeemed for items on sale that day. Please let me know where and how many books to deliver. You may call me at 03 8736 2202 or my handphone 012 399 6381 or email me if you wish.

Even if you're not planning to attend the carnival, please feel free to donate any amount and I shall have the booklets delivered nevertheless. I know my son has benefited from PKIK and I hope PKIK would be able to continue with their efforts for a ling time to come. Your kind gesture is very much appreciated and may the Almighty bless you for your noble efforts.

I have included some photos of Imran and the Carnival Poster in this posting. Please feel free to pass the word around.