Thursday, February 12, 2004's been a while since i posted something here...not that there aren't any contentious issues revolving in my head, there's plenty of it :) But by now probably it's old news so i won't bother raising them at's one i just remembered...i took a look at the new proton gen 2 last week and was initially pretty impressed with the overall design of the car, that is ...until...(oh oh here i go again:)...well, put it this way..did any of you actually sit at the back? assuming that you're not a hobbit, elf, or dwarf (what's this thing with middle earth peolpe? blame it on my mwife, she started it and every night she manages 2 pages of the lord of the rings before she dozes off) did you notice how dangerously close your head was to the roof? i mean, come on guys...did you actually think 50% of malaysians are no taller than hobbits?

this is serious ok because i'm like 1 inch away from certain brain haemorrhage should i be unfortunate enough to be in the back seat when the car runs into a pothole..and what do you know..if there were honors for the nation with the most potholes, malaysia can certainly pride itself in being one of those in the upper echelons!

but that was not see, the moment something funny like this pops out, i suddenly discover that there are more to it than meets the eye..just take a look at the front radiator grill with the proton emblem on it..did you notice how flimsy it was? and if you looked closely, some of the body lines were not properly the front bonnet, bumper etc...finally, i said to myself...ahhh...let this first batch of buyers go through the motions...just like what happened to the waja..i won't even bother narrating what happened then ok ;)..i'll be happy to drive around in my laguna...:>