Thursday, August 26, 2004

I've not posted anything for a long time, until today that is. Something happened on my flight from Singapore last night and I just need to blow off steam here.

It was the last flight from Singapore to KL, MH610 which left Changi at 9:10 pm. Everything was ok until midway through the flight, one of the stewardess banged the drinks trolley against the chair of the passenger behind me, and this stewardass by the name of Daiana never so much as even blinked, let alone apologise to the passenger! Practically everyone stared at each other in disbelief and we were in utter shock at how rude Daiana was.

And then I realised that prior to take off, my seat was not in it's upright psition, which is required during takeoffs and landings. Now if there's anyone who would have noticed it, it must have been Daiana. Not only was she completely rude, she failed to ensure my full adherence to basic take off procedures. I won't be surprised if there were other passengers whom she overlooked as well.

Next I also realised that Daiana never smiled and was rather crude in the way she spoke. Is this the kind of image that we want to portray to tourists entering this country? The poor Chinese lady behind me must have wondered why she got treated as such.

As for me, after what happened last night, I don't feel like flying MAS anymore. And I will make an official complaint just to make sure bad apples like Daiana be taught a stern lesson in manners.